105 Years of History

A Century of Highlights


Stewarts Coffee at the World's Fair
Stationed In Chicago. Our Great Grandpa, William A. Stewart, formulated our signature Private Blend Coffee.


President Coolidge approached Stewarts Coffee to be an official coffee supplier for the Chicago & Western Railway.

1933 to 1934

Hosted by the City of Chicago, Stewarts Coffee was selected to represent the city as the "Official World's Fair Coffee" at the Century of Progress World’s Fair. This is one of our greatest accomplishments.


Stewarts Coffee was approached by the United States Government under private contract, to provide U.S. Military Forces with a new privately developed blend of coffee to assist Air Force pilots to stay awake and alert for long periods of time. We have roasted and perfected the blend and is now available as our Red Eye blend!

1950's & 60's

Drake Hotel in ChicagoMarshall Fields building in Chicago
William and son Donald R. Stewart I provided our Private Blend coffee to some of Chicago’s elite establishments like the famous Drake Hotel and the Marshall Fields Building.

1970’s to 1990’s

Stewarts Coffee started to gain serious traction in spreading our coffees. Stewarts excelled in providing coffee, machines and services to restaurants and retail stores around the Chicago land area.


Stewarts Coffee's mobile serving truck
With goals to gain publicity, Stewarts Coffee fabricated our very own mobile serving truck. Capabilities to serve thousands, we have been actively supporting events around the City of Chicago. We are seen at events hosted by the American Cancer Society like the Relay for life. You also may have seen us at the L.A.T.E Ride, Ron Santo Run for Diabetes, or the Elvis is Alive 5k. We are also seen at Fleet Feet Sports sponsored events like 3k’s, 5k’s, 10k’s, Half-Marathons, and last but not least the Chicago Marathon.

2010 to Present

The City of Chicago approached Stewarts Coffee to enter a partnership for their all new CityKey program. Cardholders are entitled to discounts with Stewarts Coffee! More about the program on our Community Services page!

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Meet the Family

105 years later and Stewarts Coffee remains family owned through four generations! Since the beginning we have had the pleasure of naming Chicago our home. It all started with the man himself, our founding Great Grandfather, William A. Stewart. To provide the best role model for his staff members, our great grandfather personally portrayed the impeccable attitude and allegiance he wanted his employees to emit to future clients and customers. Donald R. Stewart I, the first in our second generation, made it his life goal to carry on his fathers legacy through his years guiding Stewarts Coffee


The third generation belonged to his sons William A Stewart, Donald R Stewart II, and last but not least, Robert C. Stewart. Bill Stewart had the same vision as his father; to share the great hidden treasures of coffee with the world. Don took Stewarts Coffee down a different avenue, implementing flavored coffee and flavored syrups. Stewarts started venturing into large scale specialty coffee blends. When Bob Stewart and Dawn Stewart took the reigns after the passing of Don, they wanted to move the business to a higher level of excellence. Continuously William and Donald R. Stewart I Donald R. Stewart II reminding himself of his bloodline and the message his father used to represent.


Our fourth generation belongs to Dawn Stewart, daughter of Bill Stewart. Dawn has taken a social approach to reach out to newer generation customers. She expresses the importance of displaying her great grandfathers morals of spreading the feeling of joy through amazing coffee.


In 2014, the Stewarts Family promoted Joseph Cappuccitti to run business operations as CEO. Joe has been employed with Stewarts Coffee for the past 32 years as their in house accountant and financial adviser. With the help of COO Rose Pawlowicz, Joe was able to successfully move Stewarts Coffee to the west suburbs of Chicago. His focus is to build skills in marketing, productivity, and efficiency throughout all areas of our business.

Stewarts Original Family Formula

Our Staff

Meet the current staff for Stewarts Coffee! We understand the importance of family. Over the century of business, we have grown our Stewarts family into something truly special. Employees have come and gone but we continue to seek out individuals who share our passion for spreading the wealth of our premium products!

Staff Member Joseph Cappuccitti

Joseph Cappuccitti


Staff Member ROSE Pawlowicz

ROSE Pawlowicz




Director of sales

Staff Member Ken Hawrysko

Ken Hawrysko

Warehouse manager

Staff Member John Cappuccitti


warehouse associate

Staff Member Alicia Cappuccitti

ALICIA Cappuccitti